The Dungeon Exploration Prototype is released publicly now

Dungeon Exploration Prototype is Zelda-like game with focus solely on exploration.

You play as an adventurer, but don’t be fooled by that title. Being in this line of work is not easy. Exploring old ruins and dungeons may be exciting and make you famous, but it doesn't have to bring food on the table.

That’s why an adventurer has to make sure to bring back enough loot to end up with profit.

But should you stop there? After all, why would anyone leave this dungeon full of deadly traps, if they weren't protecting something truly valuable?

The dungeon has one floor and some hidden passages beneath it.

One playthrough takes around an hour.

The game is a complete experience from start to end, but it was originally made during the pre-production phase of the main project The Epocha Tower. Its main purpose was to gain experience with the genre and to test what has to be done to make the exploration fun.

If you want to share your thoughts after playing, you can do so on Twitter, Discord, on the TIGsource devlog or here in the comments.


Dungeon Exploration Prototype.exe 25 MB
Nov 22, 2018

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