A downloadable game

"It's summer and all my friends are on vacations with their parents."

"Every day is boring whether I'm home or out."

"There is nothing to do when I'm alone."

"Until I found that 'world'."

Game is about a boy who discovered abandoned warehouse. Inside he goes on an adventurous journey of his imagination.

Game is solo project for Ludum Dare 38. Also my first time coding outside of the comfort zone of tutorials. Theme was "small world" but I have to admit that the game is mostly influenced by not used theme "you are alone".

CONTROLS (game will not explain)

Arrow keys, shift, space

UP - jump

DOWN - action button: Pick up things, advancing dialogue.

(If you suddenly can't move, game probably wants you to press DOWN button)

SHIFT - run

SPACE - magic (when available)


warehouse_journey.exe 3 MB